Music has been around for a long time. Since childhood, she’s been our mother’s songs because she was full of modern reasons. Music makes us relax in difficult times, or triggers any journey. Some people choose music as a creative tool. Music is so critical that every phone has at least one app for connecting users to music. If you’re wondering which music player should be used, we want to launch it on the Android platform that you want fully free software: Pi Music Player.

It’s a traditional music app with a huge number of users. The app earned a rating of 4.8/5 stars, currently the top rated app in stores compared to other users. In addition, The Pi Music Player also has a YouTube channel, which has around 4k subscribers to direct users on how to manipulate those gadgets. This software comes from a young developer, 100-foot laboratories.


Typically, the gui of a PI music player is hot and beautiful. The app logo is a large black circle with a red outer rim. There’s a white note inside with a shadow. It can be said, considering its simple nature, that its logo is very nice and modern. The app has four separate themes for the mood of each user: the black theme, the dark theme, the light theme, and the gloss theme. The home page of the app can be likened to the core of anything. You can reach everywhere from this location. From Discover-Music Market, Tracks-Find folders with changed view folders, playlists, etc. The search button is located at the right corner of the keyboard.

Listen And Share

There are also several nice features to talk about Pi Music Player. It’s a tool to extend and upgrade your device’s default music player. The Advanced Folder function allows you to find and watch all the songs saved on your computer, including songs in the secret folder, and to create a main playlist of different songs. You can also configure additional playlists for your link. It cannot be mentioned, in particular, without equalisers. It’s a sound customization system, including a bass boost, 3D reversing effects, a virtualizer, 10 presets, and five bands. If you can create a playlist and customise the radio you choose, your music style is of particular concern.
The original song is probably a good one, but you need something more than that, it’s your style. And even if you don’t have enough free time to create a custom playlist, we still have a smart playlist tool. The PI Power Share is another feature generated in this app.

Play From YouTube

You can use the search tool to listen to any song in the YouTube Music Library when you’re online. Smart Playlist organises music in multiple playlists to suit your mood. Whether you’re happy or sad, the PI music player always brings you the most appropriate songs. One thing that makes Pi Music Player more special is that both YouTube music videos and audio tracks can be fully included in the playlist. You can also connect to Facebook when you listen to music video songs. B can also do other things, such as surfing or responding to friends’ messages, as a floating video player can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Cutting As Ringtones

This music player also gives you a ringtone cutter. Just drag and drop, or enter the number of seconds you want to start and exit, you can create ringtones for your phone. You don’t need to search and download your phone from your own ringtone, cut music from Google. In addition, if you’re tired of old ringtones, you can always change quickly.


In addition to listening and watching music videos above the app also provides users with attractive audiobook titles as well as other areas. Whatever your music library, you don’t have to worry about listening to music, your audiobook is damaged, your mood is ruined, and vice versa. After talking briefly about the features of the PI Music Player, do you have enough motivation to download this app now? In addition to the above features, the app also includes other tools such as music timer, battery-saving mode or playlist backup and recovery.

Download Pi Music Player Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Pi Music Player (Apk)
Updated November 25, 2020
Current.V Varies with device
Req.Android Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Offered By Musicophilia – Free Music Apps

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